Hiring shouldn't have to take so long


It’s an incredible feeling when you hire people who understand your vision, are passionate about their role, and get on well with others. Yet I’ve always found the recruitment process to be tedious. Reading hundreds of CVs takes too long.

At first I may have attempted to read them all, but now I do a bad thing — I go into ‘reviewing mode’ to speed the process up. This typically means I skim through them looking for something which will allow me to rule someone in or (more likely) out.

Whilst we realistically can’t interview everyone, it’s unfair and I’ve always wondered how many great developers I may have missed out on over a few lines of text. Traditional interviews may take time, but you get a much better idea of who they are as a person.

Sometimes CV’s provide high expectations, but you quickly realise in the first five minutes that they aren’t right for the role. You still go through with the process though, and that’s time wasted for everyone. Of course, the opposite can also be true.

Interviews can throw some wonderful surprises at you, particularly when candidates impress well beyond your expectations. You can be left thinking “ok, I thought I had decided already… But how can I make a space for this person — they’re too good not to hire!?”

So how best can we combine the benefits of traditional recruitment with the efficiency that it lacks? The answer lies within video, which allows you to meet candidates face-to-face, albeit digitally, without sitting through an hour long interview for each one.

You learn so much about someone from a few minutes of film. Of course, you might use the CV as a reference point during the live interview stage — but it’s considerably more valuable when you can put someone in context. It leads to better conversations during an interview.

Video offers real flexibility for hiring managers but also for the candidate too — allowing them to participate in an environment where they feel comfortable, and at a time that suits them. This translates into better engagement and considerably less cancellations.

Video was considered novel technology in the recruitment world, even as recently as one year ago. Today it has become a tried and tested resource that businesses can rely on anytime and anywhere. It offers the full package — without compromise.

And that’s the reason we built VizCareer.