Looking back on a fast and furious month.


It’s been one month since we made it onto the newspapers in response to our ambitious expansion plans. What a wonderful achievement it was to receive recognition after years of hard work, and to begin to see our ideas coming together.

Sometimes it’s nice to smell the roses and look back on the journey — it’s about the journey and not the destination, after all. Having your picture on some of the countries biggest daily’s was just another one of those moments, particularly after such a difficult 2020.

When I think back to when I launched VizCareer, my daughter Zuri was on the way and I had only just moved into a new home with Jodie — my better (and thoroughly pregnant) half. Professionally I was also having my most successful year to date.

Why on earth then, would I step away from the security of my job when I had a young family to provide for? There really was so much at stake, and when I reflect on it now, it seems a little unhinged to tell the truth. I guess I knew deep down that my idea had what it takes.

Whilst it did involve stepping back from a prospering career as a recruitment consultant, it also meant I suddenly had a sense of adventure in my life — a chance to create something much larger than anything I’d been involved in before, and with my name above the door.

In many ways, having all that ‘risk’ was the perfect time to make the leap. It meant that I had a fire in my belly and I couldn’t let it fail. And boy have we have come a long way since launching, and I’ve learned many lessons along the way. Namely: patience.

Now we have a fantastic group of clients and a consummate team, with some new faces in our Client Relationship Director, Shannon McKechnie, Head of Content, Fat Brestovca, and most recently, expanding our development team too.

Every day feels exciting and different just now. From getting media shots at the top of Carlton Hill in Edinburgh — in weather so bad it made it feel more like we were on SAS: Who Dares Wins — to video shoots with one of our key partners, s1jobs.

We are now podcasting, blogging, and vlogging among other things. And, knowing that our platform is bringing genuine benefits to businesses globally is so rewarding, especially when supported by a team that have created a truly vibrant culture within our company.

Getting into the likes of The Herald, The Scotsman and Insider is fantastic recognition and is a testament to my team’s hard work. With plans to accelerate this growth even further and create up to fifty five jobs over the next two years, VizCareer is firmly on the rise!