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Introducing a unique way of utilising App based digital technology to bring recruitment campaigns to life and to better engage with future potential hires. Using VizCareer means you can post video job adverts letting candidates hear about the opportunity and the company first hand as well as see the people they will work with.

It subsequently allows clients to receive video applications from candidates who are more committed to applying and they can do this in their own time from desktops or mobile phones. The results can then be sorted, sifted and presented on a dedicated client video wall.

Vizcareer helps position companies as innovative and progressive recruiters as well as offering significant Brand enhancement opportunities. VizCareer is best described as an Applicant Engagement System which compliments any existing ATS systems clients may have in place.

It genuinely is a quantum leap forward in what has been until now a very traditional job advertising and job application market.

Using Video to bring jobs to life

VizCareer offers a unique and innovative way for jobs to be advertised through video by employers and for candidates to apply (via the VizCareer app) to the advert through the use of video. Using video to advertise the role truly brings not only the job but the organisation and brand to life for the candidates. In addition it allows employers, for the first time, to receive short video applications to enhance a traditional CV submission – and all wrapped up in one easy to use process.

Unique to the market

The process allows candidates to view job advertisements and record an application using their own webcams or smartphones anywhere, anytime and employers to manage and share the digital submissions via their own private video channel. It subsequently allows candidates to receive application updates and feedback via video direct to any device. All information is seamlessly transferred back into the employer’s dedicated video channel.

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