Bring personality to the forefront of your hiring process and let video do the talking.

Video First
Look deeper than the CV

Video replaces the tedious element of recruitment with an engaging wall of real-life faces. Scale any stage of your process with personable interviews: impractical in person, seamless on-demand.

Hand-pick which features you need. They can work independently or in perfect harmony: all in one platform. Categorise applications, choose who progresses to a live interview stage, and use different tools to truly build a hiring process that works for you.

A person looks at candidate details on screens

Frictionless applications

Creating a job on VizCareer is straight forward, and the application process is no different. Get all the information you need easily.

Live calls

Schedule live interviews and utilise our powerful tools to keep things organised – record calls, watch them back, take as much time as you need.

Remove barriers

Make geographical boundaries a thing of the past and widen your candidate pool. People who would never have met, meet.

A person looks over a trendy interface.

Flexible tools for efficient teams


Showcase your job opportunity with eye-catching video and attract the best talent internationally.


A video interview process where anyone can respond to you - keeping questions consistent and fair, at scale.


Replace tedious CV’s with a wall of real-life faces answering the questions you’ve set them.


Interact with candidates live without limits on attendees or time. Recording on our platform is entirely GDPR compliant.

Assessment Centre

No need to book rooms, premises, or assessors. Save time, money, and produce significant carbon efficiencies.

Brand it up

Bring your organisation to life with a visually distinctive video that will turn heads in a crowded market and inspire people to apply.

Stage builder

You can have as many stages as you like for your recruitment process; filter through all your applicants until you have the perfect candidate for the role.

Invite only jobs

Jobs don’t need to be public facing. Create vacancies and invite whoever you want - this way you can promote internal roles exclusively to your business.

Our Clients

Don’t just take our word for it - read what our clients have to say about their experiences working with us. VizCareer has helped businesses find great candidates and save time and money with our video recruitment solutions. Take a look around and see what our clients have to say. Contact us if you have any questions or would like to learn more about our services.

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The engagement that candidates get from a video advert versus a text advert is phenomenal. VizCareer lets us stand out in a sea of job adverts so when people watch it, they will remember it.
Shannon McKechnie - Director at Net Talent
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Diversity & Inclusion
Access talent from any background

GenAnalytics performed a diversity and inclusion audit of VizCareer and its recruitment platform. Our recommendations will support VizCareer to build on their determination to demonstrate that Diversity and Inclusion are key pillars of their platform. We are pleased to endorse VizCareer for organisations looking to achieve D&I metrics in their recruitment process and attract a diverse range of candidates using the site.

A vision for diverse recruitment.

VizCareer is a young business with big ambitions for the future. We know that innovation and technology is changing the face of the recruitment sector and we want to ensure that diversity and inclusion is at the heart of these changes. We know that businesses perform best when they hire and retain diverse talent. We will support you to help achieve your diversity and inclusion ambitions through our unique hiring tool and recruitment process.

Get Started
Hire with Oomph

Enjoy a fairer, greener and more efficient hiring process with VizCareer by your side. Why not get in touch to arrange a free demo - we offer the best customer support in the industry and we’d love to show you