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Introducing the latest in recruitment technology – a full 360° solution covering video advertising to candidate review.

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What is VizCareer?

VizCareer is a video-first platform that combines marketing of jobs, and assessment of candidates using video at its core. Where an entire recruitment process can be planned and deployed in minutes, on any device and in any place.

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Manage Candidates

Easily manage your candidates from your dashboard. Every vacancy can be broken down into optional stages to keep things organised and flexible.

Sorting & Star Ratings

Find your best candidates through sorting and rating the best applications. Even with large positions, many candidates can be arranged with only a few clicks.

Applicant Engagement

Create a vacancy that speaks to potential candidates by engaging them with your company brand through video. Introduce the friendly faces already in your team.

Brand Awareness

Increase your brand presence by encouraging your audience to get involved. Use existing marketing material with a call to action to encourage applicants.

Digital Transformation

Adopt a paperless system that provides more detailed insights into the people applying for your roles. Never print a candidate CV again.

Modern Workflow

VizCareer is designed to be flexible enough to match any existing recruitment processes. Introduce video one step at a time while following any current recruitment protocol.

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Designed to Engage

VizCareer’s technology product is designed to dramatically improve the way in which clients can identify and engage with specific talent pools, subsequently allowing potential candidates to engage back into a recruitment process, all on one integrated platform.

The Vizcareer platform is easy to set up, manage and navigate but most importantly our hiring managers really like the platform! The team at Vizcareer are always on hand to answer any questions that we have which makes them all a pleasure to work with. It gives us all the capabilities that we need to ensure a modern approach to screening candidates.

Jo Grant - Head of Resourcing at Edrington

Not just a platform, utilise our consulting expertise

VizCareer has been successfully collaborating with Munro Consulting to provide their clients with the highest quality recruitment consultancy services when required. These services are often called upon when clients’ own internal delivery resource is stretched.

This includes advisory services on Project Planning, Role and Candidate Specification as well as Campaign Delivery and Due Diligence. In return, Munro Consulting utilises the VizCareer platform to advertise and deliver many of its own recruitment mandates.

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