Hiring is marketing


The word ‘branding’ gets thrown around a lot in marketing and design. It’s typically associated with logos, advertisements, email signatures, and videos — but there’s much more to it than often recognised. Simply, it’s the general perception that people get after experiencing your organisation. And this completely ties into recruitment.

Think about it: your brand is essentially being adopted by someone as part of their career. Nobody wants to be associated with an organisation holding a bad reputation, or ethically unaligned with their own views. If your business reflects the values of your target candidate, introductions become seamless.

When candidates first encounter a potential job, there’s a period of discovery where they investigate the role and the company. They may even already have an opinion of the brand based on prior experiences with services or products. That’s why it’s crucial to include strong marketing material as part of your candidate attraction.

If you decide to create a video as part of your hiring process, you can utilise visuals to help tell your story and inspire candidates to become involved with that journey. Much like you want clients to be invested in your brand, enthusiastic employees are just as important — they’ll be telling friends and family about their new job. Hiring is marketing.

Growth is a sure sign of company success, and what better way to showcase that than by telling the world you are hiring. Clients, partners, customers, and even competitors will notice when you advertise a job opening. Use it as an opportunity to share your brand messaging — it will have an impact even if the viewers don’t apply to the position.

Candidates who come through the hiring process are given further insight into your brand, and they will carry that messaging with them. If the process is a positive one, candidates will undoubtably speak about their experience to others, whilst those who already understood your brand are far more likely to better ambassadors without even realising it.

All of this combined leads to a better experience from both a recruitment and marketing perspective. Your reputation as an employer can truly bolster your branding as a whole — so create a visual identity that your staff can be proud of, and one that future candidates are instantly drawn to. Passionate employees and passionate clients go hand in hand.